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News about the result of the East Ward by-election and the upcoming poll in Eye, Thorney & Newborough




Graham Whitehead, Branch Chairman
Published July 29th 2017

I’m standing in the Peterborough Park by-election as the UKIP candidate on August 17th.

It will be the third time I’ve fought this, my local ward and have seen the trend change from a Tory stronghold to one where Labour are in the ascendancy. I will try to win!

Read the announcement in the Peterborough Telegraph

Here’s my message to the voters of Park Ward:

Over recent years the Park district, like most of the City, has changed beyond recognition, with family homes becoming houses in multiple occupation and a huge increase in population impacting GP surgeries, road safety, police and schools.  

Too many people are arriving in the City; if you elect me I’ll say so and demand action.

For those of us who take pride in our homes, streets and neighbourhood, it’s frustrating to find selfish people ruining our quality of life.
If you elect me to Council, I’ll tackle speeding drivers on our streets, parking problems caused by crowded houses, potholes in our roads, fly-tipping that blights our environment & anti-social behaviour in our Park.

Protect our Education

I’ll fight Conservative cuts to the funding of our local schools projected to take place by 2021*

Thomas Deacon Academy down £969,000 which is 24 teachers or £528 per pupil
The King’s School            down £696,000 which is 18 teachers or £825 per pupil
Queens Drive Infants        down £111,000 which is 3 teachers or £419 per pupil
All Saints Primary School down £53,000 which is 2 teachers or £136 per pupil
Newark Hill Academy      down £125,000 which is 4 teachers or £252 per pupil

Put Local People & Veterans First

I’ll prioritise services for elderly people, supporting care homes, sheltered housing & transport links; vulnerable people must feel safe & supported within our community.  
I’ll demand local people and veterans are prioritised for social housing.

Crack Down on Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

I’ll tackle the impact increasing crime is having on our quality of life and engage with Police to bring back “bobbies on the beat”.
I’ll press for zero tolerance for fly-tipping and make sure we’re fighting back and prosecuting those who dump rubbish in our streets.

If you can help in the campaign please contact me:

T: 07963 194883