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Scandal as Peterborough spends £1.2m on

hotel bills for the homeless
Posted on October 4th, 2016

PETERBOROUGH COUNCIL has run out of hostel beds and B&B accommodation to house our homeless people, due to a massive increase in EU immigrants arriving in Peterborough and demanding a home.

The Council has therefore resorted to putting people up in hotels, including Travelodge in the City Centre at a cost of £1.2 million since April this year!

That’s £1.2m of OUR

When the City is
desperately short of
funds and has to
make cuts to its

Peterborough tenants made homeless in order to house the homeless!

BUT, even with this massive spending, the Council needs more space to house homeless and special needs families. They have therefore agreed to rent an estate in Parnwell from a property company, who are evicting 74 Peterborough households to make way for more homeless people.
This means they’re creating homeless people in order to fill their homes with other homeless people!

The houses in the estate have been bought by Stef and Philips, a company which buys up rental properties and then converts or adapts them for special needs and short term lets. To do this they evict the existing tenants and then let the properties to councils. A business model that quite frankly stinks.

Tories quibble while Peterborough suffers

PETERBOROUGH TORY MP Stewart Jackson blames the Tory Council for the situation while Council Leader Tory John Holdich says it’s all the fault of the Government.

Clearly there is Council mis-management to blame, as well as failed Government policies. But no-one apart from UKIP is pointing out that we wouldn’t have anywhere near a problem on this scale if it hadn’t been for uncontrolled mass immigration.

There are simply too many people coming to Peterborough expecting to be housed. We don’t have enough room to look after our own homeless, never mind the homeless of the European Union as well!

Only UKIP stands up for local people

You can be sure that your UKIP Councillors will have plenty to say on this matter; only UKIP stands up for local people.

The Peterborough Telegraph has an article and a petition relating to this scandal, but doesn’t of course point out the immigration link.

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