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  Printed (hosted) by UKIP in Peterborough, c/o 22A Barnes Way, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6QD


Peterborough Councillor John Whitby chosen as our UKIP candidate
to replace Fiona Onasanya

Local UKIP Councillor John Whitby has been chosen to stand for the Party at a future Peterborough parliamentary election, once disgraced Labour MP Fiona Onasanya stands down (see story below).

On announcing his candidacy, Cllr Whitby said:
“I was honoured to be endorsed by a unanimous vote of the UKIP National Executive as the candidate for a future by-election in Peterborough and look forward to a positive campaign to replace the incumbent MP following her conviction at the Old Bailey.”

John has represented Fletton & Stanground ward on Peterborough City Council since he was first elected in 2015.

We have set-up a new Facebook page dedicated to the by-election with all the latest news and events.  You’ll be able to volunteer to help us win this seat for the people of Peterborough.
Click below for the link.


Peterborough MP Guilty…
We demand a People’s Vote!

Despite being found guilty at the Old Bailey of perverting the course of justice, Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya seems determined to hang on to her seat.

All parties, including Labour who’ve expelled her, are demanding that she stands down.
She’s due to be sentenced later this month and if she’s sentenced to a year or more in prison (including if it’s suspended) then she’ll lose her seat. Any custodial or suspended sentence of less than a year, once the appeal process has ended, would automatically trigger a recall petition.

Needless to say, UKIP will be fighting hard to ensure that any recall petition is won so that we can have a People’s Vote on her tenancy as our MP.


NO DEAL” must be “OUR DEAL”
 Graham Whitehead    
Chairman, Peterborough UKIP

“No deal” is a cliff edge, a leap into the dark, chaos, the end of the world as we know it.
Those are the messages Project Fear part two is busy putting out in every news broadcast and in nearly every speech by politicians and journalists.

It’s designed to scare us into believing that leaving the EU without a deal is an absolute non-starter and not worth even debating.
But it wasn’t so long ago that even Theresa May was saying that “no deal” is better than a bad deal; and boy is she offering us a bad deal!

The truth is, there’s no such thing as “no deal”. Leaving the EU was always about more than trade, it’s about becoming an independent nation again, able to control our borders, spend our own money, make our own laws and yes, trade freely with the rest of the world.
Those are the terms we should be leaving on.

Leaving the EU on those terms is not “NO deal” it’s “OUR deal”. We should offer the EU a free trade agreement on goods and services, without free movement of people and any involvement of the European Courts of Justice. If they refuse it, then we should leave and trade with them via WTO rules as we already do as part of the EU with the United States, China, Brazil and Australia.

We could even reduce or waive tariffs altogether if we wished and
agree to keep most of the rules and regulations in place for a time so there would be no reason for extra checks at the border, including the Irish one.

Any temporary financial issues could be eased by using the £39,000,000,000 we would save by not paying it to the EU.

In order to honour the will of the people, our parliament should be arranging “OUR DEAL” now, rather than betraying us by playing political games and trying to stop Brexit.  They need to work together with one purpose and deliver the Brexit 17.4 million of us voted for.

If the 4 million people who voted for UKIP in 2015 had been rewarded with over 100 MPs (as would have happened in a proper democracy) we would be out of the EU by now on OUR terms and with OUR deal.
Instead, our parliament is full of Remainers doing their best to stop Brexit altogether.

Please join the fight-back. Demand “Our Deal”.
Vote UKIP. Join UKIP.



UKIP MP Candidate
Councillor John Whitby -
“Shaping Britain’s Future”

Local UKIP Councillor John Whitby has been chosen to stand for the Party at a future Peterborough parliamentary election, once disgraced Labour MP Fiona Onasanya stands down or is forced to resign.

Read Cllr Whitby’s article by clicking here: