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The ward covers the Longueville, Malborne and Goldhay areas of the Ortons as well as Woodston to the west of Shrewsbury Avenue.

Our Orton Longueville action team is led by Graham Whitehead, your local candidate in the May elections.

Please get in touch with Graham if you’d like to talk about any local issues you need help with.

Or maybe you’d like to make a suggestion about improving your local area.                                          

Graham Whitehead
Orton Longueville UKIP
Team Leader
T: 07 967 193 884

About me

I moved to Peterborough 30 years ago from London and currently work at the Lynch Wood business park.
I work for a major local employer as a Business Analyst and have three children, all of whom went to local Peterborough schools, finishing up at Thomas Deacon Academy.  My partner works for another longstanding Peterborough firm in Woodston and was brought up in this City.

What I will do

I believe that the Ortons need urgent attention and that things have been changing for the worse over the past few years and now we need a new focus in the Council.
Local people who’ve lived here for many years are seeing a decline in services and the environment and the Council is not responding. The Town Hall seem to be quick to spend our money on City Centre projects but not on our local priorities, particularly here in Orton Malborne and Orton Goldhay.

If elected as your local councillor I would have these as my initial main priorities:

As is true all over Peterborough, our local schools are simply not good enough.  Our results languish at the bottom of the rankings and our councillors hide behind the fact that they are now mainly Academies.
I believe we must fight harder to improve our children’s education and insist that failing Academies are taken back under local control.

Goldhay and Malborne Shops
We need to make these shopping parades more attractive, vibrant and less prone to anti-social behaviour.
I’ll demand more Police resource to fight drug dealing and other crime in all areas of Orton Longueville ward.

I’ll demand far more effort is made to stop fly-tipping and to actually prosecute offenders.

The sense of community we once had is lessening; I’ll ensure that community groups and support services for our elderly and vulnerable people are at the top of the agenda.

Street Works
I’ll strive to improve street works like parking spaces, the repair of pot-holes, street lighting and stop damage to our roadside verges.

Speeding Cars
A large number of people no longer respect our neighbourhood by using our roads as if they were motorways. This needs to stop for the sake of all of us but particularly our children and older people.

I believe that well-maintained social housing should be prioritised for local people and service veterans.
Housing Associations should take more responsibility for their tenants, including making sure that anti-social behaviour is tackled in a robust manner.



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